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Finding Simple Answers in a Busy Life


The Nature Connect Process teaches age old techniques, designed to ground you in the present moment so you can rediscover peace, return to your heart space, increase mental clarity, tap into your intuition, and cultivate a sense of joy.

First the mind needs to become quiet. Then the head and the heart will come into alignment. Once this happens you simply know what you need to do next to live the life you dream of.

Is This You?

You are run off your feet, overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Perhaps your life has gotten away from you and you find yourself feeling a long way from where you hoped to be at this point in your life.

Maybe you are in transition and need some help dreaming of a whole new direction.
You are really… really… REALLY ready to do something different but don’t know where to start.

First…you need to pause.

Powerful insights come from a calm mind.

Sadly you can’t sit still long enough to calm your mind and experience the profound peace that comes from meditation… but you desperately need it.

You are ready to do something different and need some direction as to how to cultivate a peaceful heart and mind so you can live in harmony and flow. You are looking for practical tools that you can use and a road map that will keep you on the right path.

Can Walk With Ronna Help?

Ronna helps people from around the world rediscover their mountain of calm and then supports them to make choices to lead purposeful inspiring lives.

As a guide, naturalist and yoga teacher for 20 years Ronna has seen hundreds of clients try to connect to the mountains and find quietude, but can’t. They all make the same mistakes.

They can’t slow down and be quiet.

15 years ago Ronna started slowing her clients down by giving them mindful moments on the trail.

For some she added yoga and walking meditation. The results were profound. Many had not felt that peaceful in years!

I had no idea the stress people were under until I had kids and started a school (when the kids were little).I was not guiding as much and felt stress building.I was stretched to the brink and had to find a way to carve out time to use these techniques and learn more,so I could recover from severe burn out and adrenal fatigue(see Ronna’s story)and I did.I know these techniques work,they worked for me and they can work for you too.

Now Ronna takes people into nature and teaches them walking meditation and follows that up with meaningful coaching conversations. She has found that the combination of beautiful mountain landscapes, contemplative practices and coaching conversations have profound effects on her clients. They experience healing, peace, powerful insights and laser clarity.

All the answers are inside of you,you just need to learn how to listen. Here’s how you can work with Ronna.

Nature Based Coaching
In this 3 month process Ronna will help you find your own mountain of calm. Through her specialized contemplative practices and coaching conversations she supports people to make healthy life choices towards the life they dream of.

Greatness in Action
In this 2 month program you will discover the road map to living a life aligned with your purpose…your true gifts to the world. When you live from your Greatness you feel alive, joyful and you have access to your inner knowing. This process also helps you identify and work with your negative tendencies so you get back on track when you get distracted.

This is perfect for you if you need to pause NOW and regain calm and clarity. It’s ideal if you are stressed out or are in transition and need to contemplate big questions. There is nothing like a BIG mountain landscape to put life in perspective!

Walk with Ronna offers half day and full day Mindfulness hikes.  Ronna also offers weekend retreats doing yoga and hiking or yoga and snowshoeing in Lake Louise. There is something for everyone’s schedule and budget to getaway and rejuvenate in nature.

EcoYoga Adventures
EcoYoga is like an outdoor spa treatment for the soul. It combines yoga, hiking, and walking meditation in beautiful mountains landscapes around Banff and Canmore. Walk With Ronna offers half and full day EcoYoga public programs and custom packages for bridal parties or groups.

Leadership Walks
Good Leaders know they need to get way and reflect on their own leadership or issues facing their organization. Walk With Ronna can help by offering walking mediation or mindfulness hikes. Ronna’s husband facilitates unique walks that illustrate how natural systems can help you re-frame your leadership.

Guided hikes
If you want to get out with your family or group and want a fun interpretive hike we’d love to share the amazing stories behind the scenery with you.
If you would like to see how any of these programs can benefit you or your organization please contact Ronna for a free discovery session.

We also invite you to sign up for our newsletter below.  Ronna will send you bi-weekly inspirations to help you cultivate a calm mind and inspire you on your path.